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 Meteorological Observations

 • 26.09.2006 The Report about the latest Thunderstorm in Pyatigorsk

The whole duration of the thunderstorm was about 3 hours.
Whithin 2 hours slow steady fall of temperature from 25°C till 21°C was observed while thunderhead approached from West. Atmosphere pressure was slightly on the rise, air humidity increased from 40 till 20%. From afar lots of charges were observed with periodicity 8-10 in a minute. Cloud cover was azurin, low, without fractures.

When thunderstorm came to the town, air temperature fell suddenly on 7 degrees during 20-25 minutes. Hail began, the amount of charges registered by the lightning radar increased greatly and approached the grade 24, only 20 of them hit the ground.

Thundered half an hour, everything got down. It is not the first observation, when thunderstorm is spilling upon the town and do not go further, as if the town would have been her purpose only. Might it be connected with clouds of dust, exhaust air and other emissions which are endowed generously by humanity into environment? Even if it is not like this, we have the reason to consider...

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