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 About the project - 2004-2005

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In April 2004 the reconstruction of the project was begun, were rewritten and optimized all the codes and the database of the project. Unfortunately the old data were lost.

  In May 2004 a new meteostation on the basis of PIC-microcontroller was developed by Alexander Androsov. The meteostation measures air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity. It consists of remote probe, power unit, base unit.
  The new meteostations were installed in Pyatigorsk, Essentuky, Georgievsk, Lermontov in May 2004.
  During this year the new sections were appeared: `Mountains` `Resources` `Diagrams`. Also the codes of weather informers were rewritten and sunrise/sunset informers added. Besides the web-cam was installed in Lermontov and a map of CMW region (which displays the current meteorological parameters) is added.
  In January 2005 the WAP-version of the site was launched by our visitors request, who used to get and read the news with the help of mobile connection.
  In April the section `Observations` has been added to the site, where you can view the photos of different weather events occurring in our region. In June another meteorological station has been installed in Budennovsk.


• the export of text data for users (already now some organizations are using our resources);
• to resume the subscription on the site;
• to indicate wind speed/direction;
• tell us what would you like to see on this site.

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