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Weather in the mail box?
 Weather Related Humor - JOKES


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Two weathermen each broke an arm and a leg in an accident, and called from the hospital about the four casts. Recently during the heavy rains they have experienced in New England the mail carrier for one neighborhood commeneted on the "pouring rain." Well, atleast the dew point is coming down! - What's worse than raining buckets?
- Hailing taxis!
Whatever happened to that cow that was lifted into the air by the tornado. Udder disaster! If you are standing in the main street of Amsterdam, and can't see the clock tower of the Central Railway Station, that means it is raining. If you can see the clock tower, that means it is about to rain. - How do you spot a happy motorcyclist in fair weather?
- He's got bugs on his teeth.
Canadian Summers...
- Hi, did you have a good Summer?
- Yes indeed, we had a great picnic that afternoon!!!
-Where did the meteorologist stop for a drink on the way home from a long day in the studio?
-The nearest ISOBAR!
-What is the Mexican weather report?
-Chili today and hot tamale.
Spring break is when teenagers give their swimsuits a dry run. The college kids call it spring `break`. Their parents, however, call it spring `broke`. Spring break is when the only thing kids study is each other.
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