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Weather in the mail box?
 Weather Related Humor - JOKES


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This is tornado season - a huge wind that appears out of nowhere and creates havoc - sort of like (Jerry Springer). What a nice day. It`s the kind of day that would make Jimmy Carter want to leave the roof off the house he`s building. Everywhere you look there is sunshine and warmth. It`s like living in the french fry bin at McDonalds. Hot? I saw a bunch of winos passing around a Dilly Bar! Even in hot weather (anyone) looks so cool, I turn green with algae. You know it`s hot when your dog gets a skinhead haircut. I sweat so much, I had to caulk my armpits. It`s so hot you could poach an egg in my armpit. It was so hot at the picnic we had to drink the potato salad.
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