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Sun & Moon:
Sep, 26 2016
Day length: 12:01
Phase: Waning Crescent
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 Current Weather Conditions, Stavropol Region & CMW
location temperature barometric humidity
°F mm %
 Borgustan 45.1  parameter`s value is growing down    658  parameter`s value is growing up 83  parameter`s value is growing up
 Georgievsk 57.6  parameter`s value is growing down    730  parameter`s value is growing down 63  parameter`s value is growing up
 Essentuky 51.3  parameter`s value is growing down    701  parameter`s value is growing down 69  parameter`s value is no change
 Essentukskaya 53.8  parameter`s value is growing down    708  parameter`s value is no change 64  parameter`s value is no change
 Kaskadniy 54.1  parameter`s value is no change    727  parameter`s value is no change 78  parameter`s value is growing up
 Kislovosdk 50.5  parameter`s value is no change    683  parameter`s value is growing up 67  parameter`s value is growing up
 Lermontov 52.2  parameter`s value is growing down    703  parameter`s value is no change 75  parameter`s value is no change
 Min-Vody 56.7  parameter`s value is growing down    731  parameter`s value is growing up 58  parameter`s value is no change
 Mirniy 50.9  parameter`s value is growing down    688  parameter`s value is growing up 68  parameter`s value is growing up
 Nevinnomyssk 55.9  parameter`s value is no change    734  parameter`s value is growing up 73  parameter`s value is no change
 Pyatigorsk 55.0  parameter`s value is growing down    716  parameter`s value is no change 65  parameter`s value is no change
 Stavropol 49.1  parameter`s value is no change    710  parameter`s value is no change 82  parameter`s value is no change
 Yutsa 51.3  parameter`s value is growing down    694  parameter`s value is no change 75  parameter`s value is no change
10.05.2007  Heavy hail hit the CMW-region
05.11.2006  The first snow...
26.09.2006  The Report about the latest Thunderstorm in Pyatigorsk
12.06.2006 18:20  Partygoers trapped by tide as they make their way to island
05.06.2006 19:41  Storm litters Mexican resort
05.06.2006 15:54  China floods kill 29, displace thousands
02.06.2006 20:38  New Hampshire rain triggers new flooding
01.06.2006 23:26  16 dead in India monsoon flooding
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all news...
SEPTEMBER  - If the weather is fine in early September, it forecasts fine weather for the whole month. The warmer and the dryer weather in September is, the later winter will come that year. Until a cherry`s leaves all fall, no fallen snow will keep at all. If there are many acorns on the oak tree it predicts severe frost in winter. If in late September the aspen leaves fall to the earth, face up, it forecasts severe frost and nasty weather in winter; if the leaves fall to earth both face up and face down, the winter won`t be too harsh. If in September the rain starts in the morning, it won`t be continuous.

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joke by chance:
What a nice day. It`s the kind of day that would make Jimmy Carter want to leave the roof off the house he`s building.