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 • 10.05.2007 Heavy hail hit the CMW-region

Heavy hail hit the CMW-region. The storm was of the line-squall type and went from north-west to south-east and affected Essentuky, st.Essentukskaya, Partygorsk, Lermontov and Zheleznovodsk. Some of hailstones were about 40mm in diameter. The hail lasted for about 30-40 minutes.
The motor traffic was disabled, lots of drivers tried to cover their cars under the trees. After it ended, along the road 'Pyatigorsk-Essentuky' you could find some cars locked in dirty.
The car with crashed windscreen was noticed in Pyatigorsk. Glass panels in green houses were damaged. Lots of precipitation led to underflooding of basements. On Kislovodskaya road the level of water reached the curbs, so the cars dipped water over the sills.
During the storm the short-duration failure in cell connection was noticed.

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