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• 26.07.2005  The heaviest thunderstorm in Stavropol region
Recently there was extremely hot weather in most areas of the Stavropol region - the temperature rose to +35 C. Such weather conditions...
• 06.07.2005  Shower in Kislovodsk
A heavy and continuous shower occurred yesterday in the afternoon in Kislovodsk. It was lasting for more than 5 hours. The surface raingauge data for this period is equal...
• 19.06.2005  Weather is having its weekend too
Clear and bright blue sky seems to become a unique weather event this summer due to frequent raining and thunderstorms...
• 02.06.2005  Rain and hail occurred again
So, the fast-moving atmospheric front has reached CMW region too. It has passed along Rostov region and Krasnodarskiy krai. In the afternoon...
• 01.06.2005  The first summer day
The first day of summer greeted us with fine weather. The temperature reached 25-27 oC in the shade. But this was still better, than the temperature...
• 28.05.2005  The thunderstorm that actually didn`t occur...
In the evening, soon after the sunset, the weather attempted to frighten Pyatigorsk habitant. It demonstrated impressive light effects...
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