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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If you hear thundering in October, it forecasts short and soft winter. If it`s warm in October one should expect frosty weather in winter. When weather is fine and windy in autumn, winter comes sooner. If hoar frost appears in October, it predicts fine weather in winter. If leaves haven`t fallen from birches till the middle of October, it predicts late snowfall in winter. If spiders weave their nets, it forecasts dry and warm weather.
• OCTOBER, 1 - Arina`s Day
If cranes fly away on Arina`s day, there`ll be first frost on Holy Protection day (October, 14th); but if cranes do not fly away, there won`t be frost till the day of Artemiy.
• OCTOBER, 3 - The Day of Astafiy
If the wind blows north - frosty days are coming soon, if the wind blows south - it`ll be warm, if the wind blows west - it`ll be wet and rainy weather, and if the wind blows east - windy weather will continue.
• OCTOBER, 5 - Foka`s Day
If leaves haven`t fallen from birches, it predicts late snowfall in winter.
• OCTOBER, 8 - The Day of Sergiy
If the first snow has fallen on that day, it predicts winter to be settled on November, 21st (Michel`s Day). If the wind blows north - it forecasts cold winter, if the wind blows south - winter will be warm, if the wind blows west - there`ll be lots of snow in winter, and if the wind is variable - weather will be changeable in winter.
• OCTOBER, 23 - The Day of Evlampiy
The moon horns are turned to the direction where the wind will blow from: if it`s north wind - winter is coming soon, and snow will fall upon dry earth; if it`s south wind - it`ll be wet and slushy till November, 4th.
• OCTOBER, 25 - Prov`s Day
If the stars are glittering brightly it forecasts frosty weather, and if they glimmer it predicts a thaw.
• OCTOBER, 27 - The Day of Praskovja
If it`s wet and slushy on that day, there won`t be snowfall.

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