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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
Ice is tricky and uncertain in March. In spring ice is thick though tricky, while in autumn it`s thin, but strong. Rain in March is a bad sign: there`ll be dry in March and no grass in April.
• MARCH, 4 - Fedot`s Day
If it snows hard on Fedot`s day, it forecasts late grass appearing that year. If hoarfrost appeared in the night, it won`t snow on that day.
• MARCH, 6 - Timothy`s Day
If the rims of thawing snowdrifts around trees are sharp, it forecasts cold weather in spring, and if flat – spring will be long.
• MARCH, 9 - The Day of St John, the Forerunner
If birds make their nests facing the sun, it forecasts cold weather in summer, and visa versa. If you hear woodpecker dabbing the tree, it forecasts late spring coming. If it snows on that day, it`ll be cold on Easter day; if it`s dry, one shouldn`t expect rain at Easter too.
• MARCH, 13 - The Day of Basil`s, the Drip-Dropper
If South wind is blowing and snow is thawing in the street, it forecasts warm weather for summer.
• MARCH, 14 - Eudoxia`s Day
South wind predicts warm spring, but if the wind blows north, it forecasts long, cold spring, frosts and cold weather for summer.
• MARCH, 15 - Fedot`s Day
If it snows hard on Fedot`s day, it forecasts late grass appearing that year. Cold weather forecasts long and cold spring accompanied by frosts.
• MARCH, 17 - Gerasim`s Day
If rooks have flown on that day, it signs the beginning of spring.
• MARCH, 18 - Conon`s Day
If weather is fine and calm on that day, there`ll be no hailstorms in summer.
• MARCH, 20 - Omelyan`s Day
If wind blows south, it predicts lots of thunderstorms for summer.
• MARCH, 22 - The Day of Forty Martyrs
This is the fiesta of forty martyrs. Daytime and nighttime are equal on March, 22d (this phenomenon is called the day of vernal equinox). Forty martyrs symbolize forty spring frosts which are expected since that day.
• MARCH, 30 - Aleksey`s Day
If ice on small rivers and streams has melted, it forecasts early and vigorous spring coming. Snowstorm on that day predicts cold weather for spring.

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