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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
Blue clouds in April show that it'll be warm and rainy weather. When you hear thunder for the first time in spring it forecasts it'll get warm soon. Rainy April means that the land under the plough will be good and it'll be lots of hay.
• APRIL, 1 - Darya's Day
The type of the weather you're having on April 1st will occur again on October 1st, vice versa. Early spring brings high water.
• APRIL, 4 - Wasil's Day
If the snow melts from the ant-hill's northern, side the summer time will be hot, if from the southern it'll be cool.
• APRIL, 6 - The Day of Zachary and Jacob
If the night is warm on that day, the spring will be vigorous.
• APRIL, 7 - Feast of the Annunciation (Lady Day)
If there s snow on the roofs it means the snow will stay in the fields till George's Day on May 6th. The rainy Lady Day will bring a lot of mushrooms in summer. A thunderstorm on Lady Day forecasts warm summer and a large harvest of nuts. If the sky is cloudless and the sun is shining brightly on Lady Day, the summer will bring a lot of thunderstorms.
• APRIL, 8 - The Day of Gabriel and Wasil
The type of the weather you re having on April 8th will occur again on October 8th , vice versa.
• APRIL, 9 - Matrena's Day
If the gulls have homed, soon the ice will crack. On Matrena's day floods often happen.
• APRIL, 11 - Antipas's Day
If the water is low on Antipas's Day, the grain harvest will poor. On Antipas's Day you may know what the grain harvest will be - if the ice hasn't cracked yet, it'll be the off-year.
• APRIL, 14 - Maria's Day
If the night is cloudless and the water is warm, the summer will be hot and dry.
• APRIL, 15 - Titus's Day
In former times people used to say about that day: "Titus cracked the ice and started ice drift" i.e. on that day starts ice drift. On that day people also sed to take special notice of birds behavior, for instance, if in the morning a qail cried earlier other birds it forecasted a yielding year.
• APRIL, 16 - Nikita's Day
In former times people used to say about that day: "Nikita is a flooder". Proverb : Flood may even ruin mountains.
• APRIL, 18 - Fedul's Day
In former times people used to say about that day: "Fedul is a wind-blower". Fedul has come - the wind starts blowing south. The wind blows north before that day and from Fedul"s Day starts blowing south. In the former times people had two window frames in their houses, and the 2d was shut to for winter. On Fedul"s Day people used to take off that 2d window frame and opened their windows. So that's why people used to say about that day: "Open the windows on Fedul's Day. On Fedul's Day rise at cockcrow and open the windows".
• APRIL, 21 - Rodion's Day
The lark's song forecasts fine weather.
• APRIL, 23 - Rufe's Day
A warm evening and still night forecasted a hot and dry summertime.
• APRIL, 24 - Antip's Day
If in the morning you can see the frost and in the afternoon it starts snowing then the weather will be cold the whole month. If the snowstorm occurs on that day, the spring will be cold.
• APRIL, 25 - The Day of Wasil Pariyskiy
If the clouds are high in the sky, the weather will be fine. If the clouds are flowing rapidly it forecasts windy weather.
• APRIL, 29 - Irina's Day
If a lot of air threads are blown by the wind it forecasts a hot summer.
• APRIL, 30 - Zosima's Day
If blowballs appear in early spring the summertime will be short. If the day is warm and the windless evening succeeds it, the sky is cloudless and there's no dew on the grass - it may be a sudden change to a cold weather and even freezing.

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