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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If it often rains in May it`ll be dry in September (vice versa). If the weather keeps warm at the beginning of May, it`ll be cold at the end of month (vice versa). Fogs in May forecast fruitfulness; thunderstorms - bumper crops, hail - hailstorms in summer.
• MAY, 1 - Kuzma`s Day
If the cuckoo cuckoos regularly and for a long time it shows that soon a warm weather settles and mornings won`t be cold any more.
• MAY, 6 - The Day of George The Spring
If from New Moon the weather keeps windy, it will go on till the end of the month.
• MAY, 8 - Mark`s Day
If the cuckoo started cuckooing, it means there won`t be frosty weather. When the evenings keep warm and the night`s sky is stared, it forecasts a yielding year. The more intense green color in the rainbow, the heavier a fall of rain will be. High and sharp rainbow forecasts fine weather, low and flat - rough weather.
• MAY, 11 - The day of Maxim and Jason
A warm and starred night forecasts a yielding year, a fair sunrise - windy summertime.
• MAY, 13 - Jacob`s Day
If the night`s weather is calm and fair, the summer will be dry and hot.
• MAY, 15 - The Day of Boris and Gleb
If in the mid month the sun rises in cloudless weather, the whole summertime will be fair.
• MAY, 18 - Arina`s Day
If you hear the raven`s note on that day it forecasts rain.
• MAY, 19 - Job`s Day
Heavy dewfall forecasts it`ll be a heavy crop of cucumbers.
• MAY, 22 - Nicholas`s Day
If wild ash blooms later then usually it forecasts long autumn.
• MAY, 24 - Mochay`s Day
If it`s raining all day long, the summer will be rainy too.
• MAY, 25 - Epiphanius`s Day
If it is sunny and hot in the morning and it doesn`t rain in the afternoon - the summer will be dry.
• MAY, 26 - Lukerya`s Day
If mosquitoes appear for the first time on that day, it forecasts fine weather.
• MAY, 27 - Sidor`s Day
If north wind is blowing, it will be cold in June and July.
• MAY, 28 - Packhom`s Day
If it`s warm on that day - the summer will be warm, if it`s cold - then the summer will be cold too.
• MAY, 30 - Eudoxia`s Day
If that day is in the dark of the moon and it rains, this forecasts rainy summertime, and if together with it the wind blows north - the summer will be cold.
• MAY, 31 - Fedot`s day
If the lilac is redolent, it forecasts rain.

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