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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If the weather is fine in early September, it forecasts fine weather for the whole month. The warmer and the dryer weather in September is, the later winter will come that year. Until a cherry`s leaves all fall, no fallen snow will keep at all. If there are many acorns on the oak tree it predicts severe frost in winter. If in late September the aspen leaves fall to the earth, face up, it forecasts severe frost and nasty weather in winter; if the leaves fall to earth both face up and face down, the winter won`t be too harsh. If in September the rain starts in the morning, it won`t be continuous.
• SEPTEMBER, 1 - The Day of Stratiote
If the wind blows south on that day, it predicts good oat harvest.
• SEPTEMBER, 3 - Thaddeus`s Day
If the weather is fine and the sky is clear on that day, it forecasts good weather for the following 4 weeks.
• SEPTEMBER, 5 - Luppa`s Day
If you see the cranes flying away on that day, it predicts that winter will come early that year. If the cranes fly at a low level it predicts warm weather in winter, and if they fly at high - the weather will be cold. If the cranes fly at a low level, very quickly and do not clang - that means people should expect nasty weather soon.
• SEPTEMBER, 7 - The Day of Titus
If there are many mushrooms in summer, it forecasts continuous winter.
• SEPTEMBER, 8 - Natalia`s Day
If there is plenty of ashberry in forest, it predicts rainy weather for the autumn.
• SEPTEMBER, 14 - Simeon`s Day
The beginning of Indian summer. If the weather is fine on that day, it`ll be fine for the whole autumn.
• SEPTEMBER, 19 - Michael`s Day
The harvesting of onions begins on that day. If there are many jackets on the onions, the winter is expected to be cold.
• SEPTEMBER, 23 - The Day of Saint Paul and Saint Peter
If there is plenty of ashberry in forest it predicts lots of rains in autumn, but if there`s little ashberry - weather in autumn will be dry.
• SEPTEMBER, 27 - The Holly Cross Day
If geese do not fly away that day - winter won`t come soon (i.e. autumn will go on).

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