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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
A lot of snow in winter means there`ll be bumper bread crops in summer. Plenty of snow forecasts plenty of bread. Much water will bring much grass. Frosty January goes before a yielding year.
• JANUARY, 1 - The New Year Holiday
The New Year`s Day signalizes that there has been a turn towards spring.
• JANUARY, 3 - Peter`s day
Far January echo forecasts frost strengthening.
• JANUARY, 7 - Christmas
Bright new moon in the sky forecasts: in winter - severe frost; in summer - windy weather.
• JANUARY, 12 - Anisya`s Day
Sparrows are loudly chattering - thaw is coming.
• JANUARY, 13 - Old New Year`s Day
The so-called: Old New Year`s Day (holiday in memory of Old Calendar New Year). Rainbow Pillars near the Sun forecast a snowstorm, near the Moon - frosty weather.
• JANUARY, 14 - Wasil`s Day
Severe frost and few snow on that day forecast fine summer, and if it`s warm and there`s no snow - summer is likely to be cold.
• JANUARY, 18 - The evening before Epiphany
If there`s a snowstorm, the same weather will repeat on Shrovetide (Carnival). If strong winds are blowing south it forecasts a stormy summer.
• JANUARY, 19 - the Epiphany
Cold and fair weather on that day forecasts a dry summertime. If it is thaw - the whole winter is likely to be warm too. Cloudy weather forecasts rich harvest.
• JANUARY, 21 - Emelyan`s Day
If the wind blows south it forecasts a stormy summertime.
• JANUARY, 23 - Gregory`s Day
If the wind is blowing south, there`ll be lots of rains and thunderstorms in May and June. If trees are covered with frost, it forecasts wet weather in summer.
• JANUARY, 24 - Fedosey`s Day
Warm weather on that day forecasts early spring coming.
• JANUARY, 25 - Tatyana`s Day
Sunny weather on that day forecasts early birds` homing; if it snows - rainy weather will prevail in summer; and if the weather is sunny and frosty - there will be fine summer.
• JANUARY, 28 - The Day of Paul the Theban
Windy weather forecasts there`ll be wet weather for the whole year.
• JANUARY, 30 - Anthony`s Day
If it is thaw on that day don`t believe it. Such weather lasts only for a day, then frosty weather returns.
• JANUARY, 31 - Athanasius`s Day
Clear sunset and frosty weather on that day forecasted that frosty weather would go on.

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