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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If in the morning the mist is creeping over the water, it forecasts good weather. The greenish color of the Moon is a warning sign predicting severe drought. If the sky is striped with clouds it`ll rain soon. If the grass is dry in the morning you should expect rain in the evening. If there`s no dew in the night and no fog in lowlands it forecasts nasty weather. The remote thunder forecasts drizzling rain, while booming and loud thunder indicates the possibility of shower.
• JULY, 2 - Zosima`s Day
When bees are all flying to their beehouses, it indicates that the rain will soon start. If bees are on the beehouse`s walls it forecasts very hot weather.
• JULY, 3 - Methodius`s Day
If it rains on that day, such weather will remain for a long period.
• JULY, 7 - The Day of Ivana Kupala (KUPALLE) (St Joan`s Day)
If there`s heavy dew in the night of Ivan-Kupala`s Day, it forecasts bumper crops of cucumbers. If the heavens are spangled with stars at night, it forecasts lots of mushrooms in forests.
• JULY, 10 - Samson`s Day
If it rains on that day, such weather will last for 7 weeks.
• JULY, 12 - St Peter`s Day
If it rains once on that day - the harvest will be poor, if it rains twice on that day - the harvest will be good, and if it rains three times on Peter`s Day - the harvest will be rich.
• JULY, 17 - Andrew`s Day
If there are many wasps, the winter will be severe.
• JULY, 18 - The Day of Athanasius
If the Moon is glittering it forecasts rich harvest. If the clouds are yellow like copper, it`ll soon rain. The clouds are dark and nasty looking - the rain will soon start.
• JULY, 24 - Euphemia`s Day
If you hear thundering on that day, you`ll be able to get a fine catch of fish.
• JULY, 25 - Prockl`s Day
If there`s heavy dew in the fields, the rest part of the summer will be hot and dry. If there`s no dew or fog in the morning - it`ll be windy and rainy weather.
• JULY, 29 - Afinogen`s Day
If the weather is rainy on that day it forecasts snowy and frosty winter.

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