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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If it`s dry in December, one should expect dry weather in spring and summer too. Warm and wet weather in December predicts long winter, late and cool spring. If the first snow which fell in December is wet, heavy and dense – summer weather will be wet; and if the snow is dry and fluffy – summer will be dry.
• DECEMBER, 1 - The Day of Plato and Roman
The weather on that day determines the weather for winter.
• DECEMBER, 4 - Feast of the Entry of our Most Holy Lady into the Temple
If waters are frozen on that day, it`ll be cold in winter, but if it`s a thaw on that day, there won`t be frosty weather in winter.
• DECEMBER, 7 - Catherine`s Day
Fine weather on Catherine`s day forecasts frosty winter.
• DECEMBER, 9 - St George`s Day
Frosty weather on that day forecasts severer frosts for Nicola`s Day (December, 19th) and harsh winter. A thaw on that day predicts frequent warm weather for winter.
• DECEMBER, 12 - Paramon`s Day
If it snows on that day, there`ll be nasty weather and snowstorms till Nicola`s Day (December, 19th).
• DECEMBER, 13 - The Day of St. Andrew The First Called
Still waters forecast fine weather for winter, if waters are rough – weather will be nasty, frosty and windy.
• DECEMBER, 17 - Barbara`s Day
If frosty weather keeps for the next three days, frosts will last till February.
• DECEMBER, 19 - The Day of Nicola, the Frost
If trees are frosted on that day, it predicts harvest will be good.
• DECEMBER, 22 - The Day of Anna, the Frost
Fine and sunny weather on Anna`s day forecasts fine frosty weather for December, 31st; if it`s gloomy and trees are frosted, the New Year`s Day will be gray and warm.
• DECEMBER, 25 - Spiridon’s Day
If weather is fine and sunny on that day, the New Year`s Day will be frosty and fine.
• DECEMBER, 29 - Aggeus`s Day
If there`s severe frost on that day it will last till the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan (Epiphany).

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