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Weather in the mail box?
 Russian Weatherlore
Up to the present days there exist lots of old Russian superstitious weather believes (otherwise called weatherlore). In former times Russian people trusted them implicitly and believed that they surely come true.
If it snows in November, it`ll be a yielding year for cereals. If snow has fallen early, spring will come early too. If the weather was wet in summer and warm in autumn, it forecasts continuous winter. Late leafdrop forecasts continuous winter.
• NOVEMBER, 2 - Artemiy`s Day
If it snowed for the first time when the ground was dry and there were leaves on trees, the snow will soon thaw. Until a cherry`s leaves all fall, no fallen snow will keep at all.
• NOVEMBER, 4 - Feast of the Kazanskaya Icon of the Holy Mother
If it rains on that day, winter won`t be cold that year.
• NOVEMBER, 8 - Demetrius`s Day
If the weather is cold and it snows on that day - spring will be late and cold, and if it`s thawing weather - it`ll be warm in winter and spring.
• NOVEMBER, 13 - The Day of Zinoviy
If you hear bullfinch whistling - winter is coming soon.
• NOVEMBER, 14 - Kuzma`s Day
If it`s slushy and wet outside on that day - it won`t snow till December.
• NOVEMBER, 19 - Barlaam`s Day
If it snows hard on that, day it forecasts snowy winter. If there are mounds of ice on rivers there`ll be mounds of grain in your granaries; if nothing covers the smooth ice on rivers, nothing will cover the floor of your granaries.
• NOVEMBER, 21 - Michel`s Day
If small pools and ponds are frozen and covered with ice, it forecasts cold weather for December. If it rains on that day, such weather will continue till Nicola`s day (December,19th). If there`s hoar-frost - there`ll be lots of snow in December; if it`s foggy outside - it`ll be warm in December.
• NOVEMBER, 22 - Winter Matrena`s Day
If trees are frosted on that day, it forecasts frosty weather, and if it`s foggy outside - there`ll be a thaw.
• NOVEMBER, 23 - Erastus`s Day
If there`s heavy fog in the morning - there`ll be a thaw.
• NOVEMBER, 24 - Theodore`s Day
If it rains or snows on that day - it`ll be thawing weather till December,4th (Feast of the Entry of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary into the Temple).
• NOVEMBER, 25 - The Day of John, the Merciful
If it rains or snows on that day - it`ll be thawing weather till December,4th (Feast of the Entry of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary into the Temple).
• NOVEMBER, 26 - Gurjan`s Day
If the snow cover is settled by Gurjan`s day, it`ll stay till spring flood-time. If there’s heavy snowfall on Gurjan`s day, it predicts yielding year for cereals.
• NOVEMBER, 27 - Philip`s Day
If the sky is gloomy or it snows on that day, it forecasts nasty weather for May.
• NOVEMBER, 29 - Mathew`s Day
If weather is wet and warm on that day, the forgoing summer was cold and there was bad harvest - one should expect that it`ll be wet and warm weather in winter.
• NOVEMBER, 30 - George`s Day
If weather is fine on that day - winter will be fine too, if weather`s nasty - winter will be nasty as well.

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