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 • Summer forecast: Warmer than normal

Much of the United States will have warmer-than-normal temperatures in June through August, the National Weather Service predicted Thursday. Weather   19.05.2006 15:33
 • 63, are evacuated as typhoon kills two children

A DESTRUCTIVE typhoon hit south-east Asia today, killing two children and sparking the evacuation of more than 63, Chinese people.   18.05.2006 15:42
 • 63, Chinese flee typhoon

<p><a href="" style="margin-right:5px"><img align="left" border="" src="" alt="Dark clouds cover the sky in Xiamen, eastern China's Fujian province May 17, 26. More than 18, people have been evacuated from coastal areas to safe places in southern China as Typhoon Chanchu, the first tropical storm of the year, approaches, Xinhua News Agency reported. CHINA OUT REUTERS/China Daily" /></a>China evacuated more than 63, people as the strongest typhoon on record to enter the South China Sea in May bore down on Wednesday, causing flight delays and shipping problems.</p><br clear="all" /> Weather   18.05.2006 06:10
 • Northeast looks to life after floods

<p><a href="" style="margin-right:5px"><img align="left" border="" src="" alt="Pat Callinan of Cape Neddick, Maine, walks by a collapsed bridge which spans the Cape Neddick River, in Cape Neddick, Maine, on Tuesday, May 16, 26. Southern Maine has received a record amount of rain over the past week causing flooding that has collapsed roads and bridges in the area. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)" /></a>Rivers crested and rains eased Tuesday as New Englanders began to assess the damage caused by the regions worst flooding since the 193s. Police reported a single fatality, a 59-year-old man whose body was found in a partially submerged car north of Boston.</p><br clear="all" /> Weather   17.05.2006 16:54
 • Relief forecast for New England

<p><a href="" style="margin-right:5px"><img align="left" border="" src="" alt="Workers pile sanbags along the flooding Spicket River in Methuen, Mass. Monday, May 15, 26. The governors of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts declared states of emergency on Sunday, activating the National Guard to help respond to the rain that hasn't let up since Friday. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)" /></a>New England residents waded into a fifth day of rain Tuesday as dams kept a tenuous hold against cresting rivers and evacuees wondered what remained of their homes. Police reported a single fatality, north of Boston.</p><br clear="all" /> Weather   17.05.2006 04:12
 • April was warmest on record in U.S.

Last month was the warmest April on record for the United States, the U.S. goverment reported Tuesday. Weather   17.05.2006 01:29
 • Forecasters find new hurricane clues

<p><a href="" style="margin-right:5px"><img align="left" border="" src="" alt="" /></a>LiveScience: NASA researchers say hot plumes that tower above some hurricanes presage stronger winds at the surface.</p><br clear="all" /> Weather   16.05.2006 22:19
 • Typhoon heads for Hong Kong

Hong Kong began preparing for its first typhoon of the storm season Monday as Chanchu began whirling toward the city. Weather   15.05.2006 20:35
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